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Carpet Cleaning

Flooring is the foundation of any beautiful room. Start with an attractive and clean carpet and the rest will fall into place.

Carpet Cleaning Services by Pros Adda maintains our dedication to bringing out the highest customer satisfaction. We aim to impart more efficiency and capabilities to our customers with our highly recommended and secure quality of Carpet Cleaning Services. We tend to deliver better results to our customers every time we serve with our intuitive technology. 

Hybrid Carpet Cleaning Services by Pros Adda

Need for Carpet Cleaning Services

Along with the integrity of the place, the carpet also has an influential role in the health of the people at the place.

For places like home where kids prefer to play on the floor, it becomes extremely important to disinfect the floor from all the bacterias to keep your family safe and healthy. 

Public places like restaurants, banquets, and more should be more concerned for the health of people using the place. Pros Adda’s intuitive technology keeps this in mind and delivers clean spotless and hygienic carpet flooring at your place.

Advantages for delegating your work to the professional

It often appears easy to clean a carpet but it has more to it. With personal cleaning, we often tend to leave invisible microbiology left onto the carpet making it unhygienic.

We do it with proficiency. We follow steps like Pre-Inspection, Pre-Vacuum, Pre-spot, Pre-Spray, Soil Extraction and Rinse, Post Groom, Speed Dry, and more. The steps are mostly tailored according to the need of the carpet.

Often these steps are missed with the personal cleaning methods but are followed with care by a professional at Pros Adda.

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Key Highlights of Carpet Cleaning Services by Pros Adda

  • We deliver services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week making Carpet Cleaning Services accessible at any time you want.

  • We prefer the Customer chosen timeframe for the work. Get the carpet cleaned at your own ease

  • We cover commercial buildings and offices for the service. Pros Adda got you covered.

  • We use intuitive technology to provide excellent service satisfying all the benchmarks.

Book an Appointment

For the Sanitization Services appointment, do contact us at any of the methods below at your convenience. Also, Do check out our other services.

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After the appointment is booked all you have to do is sit back and relax. All your burden is on Pros Adda.

Checklist to follow before the professional arrives

It’s always good to prepare the place before the professional arrives for the carpet cleaning. Below are some of the easy steps suggested by us.

  • Make the place clutter-free so that none of the Carpet areas is left to be cleaned effectively.

  • Keep your valuables in a secure and sound place.

  • Keep your furry companions like dogs and cats away for a while.

  • To ensure that there are a few furniture/objects/appliances as possible on the carpet.

FAQs regarding Carpet Cleaning Services

  1. How long does the entire process of Carpet Cleaning take?

Ans: Generally it takes an hour or two to clean the carpet completely. Though the time depends on the area/size of the carpet and the crowd present (up to some extent).

  1. Is it worth it to spend on Carpet Cleaning Services by Pros Adda?

Ans: During these pandemic times, it’s always to live in a clean and hygienic environment, and hence makes it important to get your carpet cleaned. Along with hygiene you also get spotless and shiny places with you.

  1. Are the professionals at Pros Adda capable of keeping the condition of my carpet up to the mark?

Ans: We use appropriate technology and equipment during the Carpet Cleaning process and hence make it secure for your carpet. Your carpets are in safe hands.

  1. Do I need the Carpet Cleaning Services Regularly?

Ans: Carpet cleaning is obviously not a daily chore but we do suggest cleaning your carpet weekly and availing professional services once a quarter.

  1. Do Pros Adda accept contractual work?

Ans: Yes, we accept contractual work as well. Services tailored according to the customer's needs are always on the table with Pros Adda.

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